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Destiny Lastra, Facial Specialist

Cutting hours in Florida’s Cosmetology standards are not only detrimental to me personally but to the industry and esthetics field. It will be nearly impossible for Florida skin care students to get jobs out of state, as well as, in Florida. 165 hours is extremely minimal to be able to retain and learn everything to be successful in the skincare industry. When I was at 160 hours in my skincare program, I didn’t know how to do a basic facial. At 300 hours, I learned how to do dozens of industry expected services, with confidence. I knew how to properly perform the services with safety and sanitation for each person I cared for. At 165 hours, students would never be able to accomplish this. Safety and Sanitation is a huge part of our industry when, dealing with the public every day. Any disease or infection can be easily spread without the proper instruction, training, and practice. This would not be able to be covered in such a minimal time. Would a student who is at 165 hours know the answer to, how to properly sanitize a micro needling tools or microdermabrasion tips? The answer is no. I didn’t know that after 165 hours.

If a person catches MRSA or staph infection because of the practitioner’s lack of knowledge, it can result in death, and has.

I personally would not receive a service from a skincare specialist who has such minimal hours, experience and knowledge.

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