Abigail Garbalena, Full Specialist

I moved to Florida two years ago after studying criminal law and working in a law firm. I realized I looked at my life as, this is a job, not a career to me.

I wanted to be able to wake up excited about my career, and that is why I decided to attend school to make my dream reality.

At this moment, I am almost at 300 hours in nail technology and would love to stay in nail technology because I love it and feel I could learn more still. There is so much to know in nail technology I never knew of until I started this journey. Nail disorders and diseases were hard and a huge part of my learning, that I am still not confident in being able to recognize them. I have learned how to properly disinfect my implements and pedicure tubs correctly in my 300 hours, so that it’s safe for myself and guests.

The importance of getting more education on sanitation is crucial to everyone’s health.

Reduction to 150 hours would not give anyone enough time to be prepared with the knowledge to safely service guests.

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